Six Acoustic news

June 1, 2020

Updates from the lab...

Hope everyone is doing well in these challenging times.

Things have been moving ahead at a steady pace here at Six Acoustic. Our focus at the moment is on the York Ultra High Fidelity Phono Preamp.

Recently, we added FREE shipping to the US for our American friends interested in the York.

We can now confidently say that the York will ship in July having confirmed capacity and lead times with all suppliers. As some already know, securing the housing (and its machining and accoutrements) was the final hurdle now surmounted by our local chassis manufacturer. 

For those interested in some updated views, check out the photos on the York pre-order page and you will see some new images of the front and back artwork. Some of these are the mock ups before production and appear white for illustration only. The production finish will be the clear anodized aluminum as seen in the other images. 


June 4, 2020

A note about Canada Post during Covid-19

As many are aware Canada Post has suspended their standard of delivery during the pandemic. This means that they have implemented social distancing at their sorting facilities to process mail and parcels that are at Christmas volumes resulting in delays. Based on our recent experience, deliveries that usually took 3-5 days or less pre-pandemic are now in the region of 5-10 business days. 

Here is the relevant Canada Post link: