Flexpin Connectors x 4

Flexpin Connectors x 4

SKU: 1023

Unity Audio Flexpin Connectors, Set Of 4


  • Made of copper alloy, and gold plated.
  • Will fit cables up to 10 awg.
  • No soldering required.
  • The flexible pin is ideal for fitting larger cables onto gear with spring clips or guillotine connectors.
  • Great for vintage gear!


Ever been frustrated with the spring loaded terminals on vintage audio gear? Even some new gear has these. UGH! The only thing they grab into well is bare wire, only accommodate up to 14awg, and even then it's a battle. What's an audiophile to do? These are the PERFECT solution! The flexible, gold plated copper tip makes the best contact with spring clips and guillotine connectors. 


Made in Canada by Unity Audio