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A reverse RIAA device allows you to attenuate a standard line level source and to equalize that signal according to the RIAA standard. This would be the same equalization that a vinyl record would provide when played on a turntable.


A reverse RIAA device is for:


- playing line level audio (CD, music player, iPhone, computer, etc.) through the phono input on your amplifier or receiver

- testing your phono preamp using a line level source


Update RRIAA Model 1.4:


- provision for 3.5mm stereo input connector on PCB

Reverse RIAA 1.4

C$42.00 Regular Price
C$37.00Sale Price
Input Connector

Selectable attenuation of -40db and -60db

Reverse RIAA equalization

RCA input/output - 3.5mm stereo option

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz  (±0.1 dB)

PCB Dimensions: 3.145" x 1.84" (80mm x 47mm)


Made in Canada


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Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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