York Phono Preamp + Unity Cancer Fighter™ SL Phono Cable

York Phono Preamp + Unity Cancer Fighter™ SL Phono Cable


York Ultra High Fidelity Phono Preamp with Unity Audio's Cancer Fighter™ SL Phono Cable


Made in Canada


York Key Features:


►  selectable MM and MC cartridge support, 40dB and 60dB gain respectively


►  gain trim permitting fine adjustment in the range of -4dB to +12dB of nominal gain


►  cartridge loading options: 20 Ω to 47 KΩ impedance and 0 pF to 470 pF capacitance (0/100/150/220/250/320/370/470 pF)


►  cartridge loading options adjustable on bottom panel


►  excellent signal to noise ratios of >100dB at 40dB gain and >80dB at 60dB gain


►  compact size, simple elegant anodized aluminum with light brush finish


►  low quiescent power consumption (<15mA DC, <0.5W Standby)


►  ultra precision audio op amps


►  precision 1% film audio grade capacitors and 0.1% resistors


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Gain settings:

40 dB (MM) and 60 dB (MC)

Gain Trim:

+12 dB / -4 dB





RIAA Accuracy:

20 Hz - 20,000 Hz (±0.01dB)

Input Impedance:

20 Ω - 47 KΩ

Input Capacitance:

0 pF - 470 pF

SNR @ 40dB gain:

>100 dB

SNR @ 60dB gain:

>80 dB


RCA input/RCA output

Dimensions (WxDxH):

6.5"x7.2"x1.3" (165x183x30 mm)


1.3 lbs (600 g)


2 Years


Made in Canada